Student that won Intel Science Fair threatened with lawsuit

How does this happen? I understand the company might be frustrated because they couldn't get Intel's attention. However, threatening a patent lawsuit against an 18 year old is just insane.. especially since they don't actually hold the patent!

I feel bad for future makers/inventors/innovators because they'll always have the fear of being sued by a patent troll.

*Headdesk* God, this is so disgraceful. If this shit does not stop, our entire civilization will be on track to head down the tubes due to a complete lack of invention or innovation. I especially love how the CEO jumped into the comments with a load of self righteousness.

I honestly hate Americas legal system, it's so corrupt. When will the publc have enough of their crap and finally change the way the system works so it's more fit to our times.

You'd think that with this kind of innovation people would try and work together instead of trying to grab a piece of the pie all to themselves. 

An 18 year old genius does this amazing work, and instead of going "how can we go even further?" these losers go off fighting over who gets credit for it?

Is that we've come down to? How is recognition more important than progress?

Looks like business as usual to me. Free advertisement, they are probably looking for investors. 

I believe we've reached the magnum opus of American atrophication. This is it, gentlemen. Welcome to the future.

our system is flawed in so many ways. this kind of insanity really gets me pissed.

how the hell is it justified to open a lawsuit against a very intelligent 18 year old who created something (in a short period of time) that Kahrl Retti has been trying to invent since the 1980's. he should hire her and commend her NOT sue her

This is just SICK. Reading the original FB post from the company is disgusting. We need to figure out what companies use this tech and start the OUTRAGE and not buy their shit.  Really, consumers need to start speaking with their wallets and stop rewarding the companies who litigate their way to success.