Student PC Build for $700: Matching productivity and occasional gaming? Help please!

I went to pcpartpicker de and this was the best I could do:

You guys have tech that is far too overpriced.

Life is hard in Europe :D I really think I should get a wireless network adapter and not a built in on a motherboard because I am only going to have WLAN/WiFi in my apartment and would need a strong signal. An antenna should help.

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Just over €800 by .13

@enderborn The Sapphire Radeon R9 270X costs 166,44 € and the Sapphire Radeon R9 280 costs 185,85 €. Do you think it is worth it?

I do :)

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Quick question. Are stock coolers really that bad? :D

i would personaly recommend a Xeon E3-1231-V3 + a cheap H97 board.
This cpu is realy good for both productivity and gaming.
it has 4 cores 8 threads, its basicly the same as an i7 but without an igpu.
The good thing about the Xeon E3, is that its a locked cpu, so its not overclockable, so you can pair it with a cheaper H97 board.
And even use the stock cooler to save some money.

Not sure if you can fit it in the budget.
But if not then a FX8350 is ofc not a bad choice.

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I'd get this
or this

Add an ssd later, maybe, you dont really need it with this sshd

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Going on from what @MisteryAngel said, here's a Xeon build.

Note the lack of mass storage drive. You'd have to get one later on.


Looks good to me.
You beat me on it. ☺

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its not just tech, its the cars, food, everything. gotta move to 'murica xD
except rent, think thats cheaper eu

Okay ladies and gentlemen

This is from @MisteryAngel, @vrtnipatuljak, and @Zavar suggestions ;) Thanks btw

For 792,85 €


For 848,81 €

The PSU is actually 630 Watts but I could not find it in pcpartpicker so I just took a similar one with 530 Watts. I chose the wireless network adapter because I also need bluetooth for my mouse. What do you guys think? Are two memory sticks together better than one?

Well the 2nd has a mini board but it has a stronger graphics card. Personally cant stand mini boards, components are closer together and get hotter also more annoying to put together

You'll have to pick the one you like more, they are both good builds

Also go for 2 4gb ddr sticks so they work in dual channel. He probably put 1 8gb thinking you will upgrade to 16gb soon. If you will go for 1 8gb

I just corrected it at pcpartpicker. The 2nd has an ATX Motherboard.

you sure you can find it and at what price, I dont see a price for the mobo and gpu any more?

It ist in the link under that (shopping cart). For the 2nd option the motherboard costs 88,64 € and the gpu costs 185,85 €

how did you get the cart link for Mindfactory? I wanna paste it but I dont speak german<img

:D you press "veröffentlichen" and then "Link kopieren" Pops out. Press that ;)

Get this. Though the case is too expensive imo, pretty but expensive

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Man, we've been making these Xeon builds for days, funny how it always comes back to them xD