Student Discounts on Windows 7/8?

Has anyone seen any good deals? I just finished buying most of my rig (see profile for specs) and I am currently running Ubuntu Linux. It's ok, it's free and Steam is showing a lot of promise but I wanted to get Windows. But I don't have a lot of cash after buying my parts. I am a student so if you know of any college deals that wouls be awesome. I know that you can get Windows 8 for $40 if you upgrade from XP sevice pack 3 or higher but I don't have that either. Please, any help would be greatly appriciated.

steam bata on linux opens next week to the general public

Dreamspark, you get both for free along with pretty much any other microsoft software, except office. You may need to ask your university to make you an account for full access.

I made an account. thanks for the tip. It says that only schools with dreamspark premium get windows 7/8 so hopefully my school has that.

I got Windows 8 full 64bit for 69 bux. Newegg had a promo code at one point. Not sure if it's still around. You can always download Windows 7 iso and use a hack.