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Stuck in UEFI Shell


So I followed this guide exactly.

But when I reach the step of booting into the windows iso I get stuck in UEFI Shell and not being able to boot to Windows 10 installation. I tried different Windows 10 iso files but no luck.

The boot order is correct, so it isn't the issue. The host OS is Debian Stretch.


If it's anything like VirtualBox, this

might be a problem. Change it to IDE, try again.


Do you see different filesystems listed at the top of the shell's boot output (like FS0: FS1: etc.)? If so, do the following for each of them:

> FS0:

Replace FS0: with the current filesystem you're trying. Eventually you'll find the one that has your windows DVD and you'll boot the installer.


Yeah, that typo wasn't intentional. :wink:

SATA is fine. I've had this issue before and it was the result of a bad ISO.


I ended up installing proxmox ve on top of strech, works and makes life easier.


Having the same issue, still nothing?