Stuck. dont know what to get?

hey i just need some help with my build that im currently working on. My problem is that i had my system planned out and i posted it on the forum and mentioned i wanted to run 3 of these monitors

playing games such as BF3, WOW, arma, etc at around 30 or more fps

This is the link i posted about my system build

when i posted the link i was told that if i wanted to run 3 of those monitors at 1080p i would need a graphics card with more than 2gb of memory. So i looked at other cards and found this.

I already have eveything on the pc part picker list except my OS and my graphics card. Im so confused as to what card i need to run those monitors. im on a tight budget of 500ish to 550 if im lucky to buy my graphics card and my OS.



the more monitors you plan to game on the more video memory your card will need and if you are going to sli, the amount of video memory availableĀ is the amount that one card will have.

I dont plan on going sli with this build so a 4gb card would be what i need to run 3 of those monitors

you might be fine with 3gb.

I think im going go for this card

Thank you for your time and clearing up my confusedness haha

should be enough, will one of your monitors have a display port?