Stuck between two builds

Hi guys. 

Two builds im considering one a gtx 770 and one a 670. These just contain the essentials, i have hard drives etc. Is it worth the extra 120 for the 770 build. Mucho apreciato:


770 build:


670 build:

Chin Chin

Use the ROG Hero on both builds, it's much better than the Sabertooth motherboard. The Hero has a really great integrated soundcard, which will save you some mullah, and the Sabertooth is really... featureless. "Thermal armour" woooooooow *sarcasm*

You've made some really clever decisions, that is a really good choice of PSU and chassis. 1600 RAM is the smart choice for a gaming system, no need for 2400.

I would advise changing the cooler. The H60 isn't great in most circumstances, and 4th gen Intel runs pretty hot.

As for the 670 vs 770, the 770 is the higher performing card. The 770 is the replacement for the 680. The 600 series is still good for the price, but the 700 series eliminates many of the issues found in the 600 series. I think the 670 has a good level of performance, and it should be more than satisfactory at 1080p.

However, I would go with the 770, if you can afford it. It's a little more "future-proof" (hate that term) because it has fewer issues. The memory bandwidth (600 series has memory bandwidth issues at higher resolutions) will be better for next-gen gaming which will have higher detailed textures, and the faster memory will be beneficial in loading those textures.

Same cooler in both links, different colours (choices wooooo). I use the same cooler on my 4770k. If you grab an ASUS motherboard and utilise the 4 way optimisation, you can get all your fans running pretty quiet. I don't hear my 12DX when I am gaming. I can overclock to 4.5 pretty comfortably with this thing. The H60 is a bit crap. Don't be lured by the closed-loop-circuit coolers, especially the cheaper units. Easily beaten by an air cooler.

Thanks Beserker! I was more swayed with the hero to be honest..i'll prob just save a bit more for the 770 then. And thanks for enlightening me on the closed loop coolers...i was taken in by the asthetics of it all really. Cheers bud!


Oh and those coolers you recommend look sweet. How is the clearance of the heatpipes like with memory?

That's why I chose that cooler, because it doesn't block the memory slots. There is a larger cooler, the Phanteks 14PE. It's the larger 140mm dual tower variant. It's worth having, but you will need low profile RAM. Another cooler I would recommend is the Noctua NH-D14, which has greater acoustic performance in comparison to the Phanteks.

Depends how much overclocking you wish to do, I don't think you need the larger coolers in a gaming system. I would use ASUS 4-way optimisation. It will automatically overclock and balance everything based on your system usage. That includes power consumption, overclock, memory, fan speeds et cetera. You'll probably find that it will clock your CPU to around 4.2. You don't need anything more in a gaming system, and thus, the 12DX should be sufficient.

And yeah, the ROG series of motherboards are really cool. Only thing the Hero lacks is onboard wifi, but wired internet is better, wifi cards are cheap. Not really at a loss with the lack of wifi. Lots of gaming features and helpful utilities.

670 is still a good card. Given the choice, if I personally had the money to spend, I'd get the 770.

You get free games with that 7950. Less than £200, and if you watch the video above, it competes with a 770, with both cards overclocked. That'll save you quite a bit of money!

Right! Going with the Rog Asus 770 combo with your black Phanteks cooler! 

Cheers again Big B!

Not gonna consider the 7950? 3GB of buffer and equal to the 770. Other than that, it's a pretty complete build. Do you need storage?

Get a 7970 and overclock the shit out of it. It will reach GTX 780 speeds. Take a look at the HIS IceQ x2. Either 1st or 2nd best 7970 card. If you want to reach 780 speeds no problem take a look at the MSI Lightning. 

Glad to see my Phanteks PH-TC14PE fandom spreading through the forum. Good... GOOD...

I would look into mATX or even mITX, OP. You don't need tri or quad SLI, most likely; dual GPUs will scale really well, and pack more than enough punch for you. A Maximus VI Gene or Gryphon, in a Silverstone TJ08B-E, would not only look killer, but be small, and very nice to deal with. Something to consider.

That depends on the game. On some games, the 780 can have a 20FPS margin, even the Lighting couldn't close that gap.

I would just get dual 7950s if 780 vs 7970 was on the table.

Arghh. Have to stop being swayed so easily! Gonna stick with atx at the mo brennan. However i was kinda set with nvidia, now im thinking ati. Is a 7950 really on par with the 770. I thought an overclocked 7970 was more in line. Christ..who knew building a pc was so..arghhh!

Refer to post #7

There's virtually no performance difference between the 7950 and the 7970. The 7950 is sold with a lower stock clock. Once it is clocked up, it competes with both an overclocked 770 and an overclocked 7970.

Watch the video, view the links, enjoy the recommendation.

Ok so thanks to your msi 7950, i've knocked up this build!

A few bob cheaper! May allow another 7950 in there too but will have to upgrade the psu!

Stick with intel or go down the amd route?