Stuck between cases (Need More Replies)

     Im looking for both usb 3.0 and 2.0.  2.0 isnt that important though.  My computer is going to be under my desk, but not on carpet, on the right, so top I/O panel would be nice, maybe fan controller but not neccessary, and I need good air flow + good cable management. Side panel window and an assuring look every time I look at it. LEDs would also be nice. All under $80-$90 please. I looked at the Thermaltake Chaser A31 Snow White and the NZXT Phantom 410 but I still can't decide. Partlist:

get a fractual define r4

Why? I mean, what advantages does it have over the other cases? What features does it have that the other cases dont?  In order for me to get it, it will also increase my pricelist.

Same here why? he ask for either the Thermaltake or the NZXT not for something completely different.

Personally I would say NZXT. Thermaltake cases kinda feel flimsy for me. They are great if you you drag a case along to LAN parties though as Thermaltake cases are light. Don't get me wrong though I haven't seen a bend case from them ever, but you don't get the feeling it's high quality either.

Another small bonus with the NZXT is the built in fancontroller although it might not be much in the end and an extra fan for the top which is nice.

As for aesthetics I can't give you an opinion as neither are my taste. I'm more for the Thermaltake Urban and NZXT H230 to give you more on an idea what I would prefer of the 2 brands.

Thanks i decided to go with the NZXT Phantom 410 (Red)

Just an idea:

You could wait for Corsair Spec03 to show up. First it's cheap, then it's filtered everywhere, then it has a window, then it supports H100i, then it has led fan included... You can buy some 5,25" fan controller and you are set. Otherwise I would choose the phantom...

Eh, i dont know. The Phantom has 4 usb and I like the design more than the Spec 03. Other than that its a really great case.

keep in mind, the phantom is too small for the really big tower heatsinks (think NH-D14 big), and you may need to take out a drive cage to fit longer graphics cards. other than that, it looks to be a pretty good case.

yea i already got all of that thought through.

I personally like NZXT FAR more than I do Thermaltake, as far as build quality and aesthetics.