Stuck between case choice

The choices are the NZXT Phantom 410 or the Tempest 410 Elite.


Well. first off i would like to say im no NZXT guy. (ThermalTake cases are the way to go for me^^)
but as far as i can see. the phantom 410 is the sleek "sexy" case. and the tempest is the more functional looking case.
Personally i would go with the tempest because it doesn't have a front door. but that's just personal preference.
and change all the fans to LED fans. And add the NZXT led lighting kit (wich is the only nzxt product i got). 
the case is however a very personal choice. but since these cases are quite similar internally 
i don't think you can go wrong with either one from a functional point of view^^. 
Hopefully this bumps the thread up so that you can get feedback from people that own these cases :)
The one thing i don't like with these cases is that they don't support 200mm fans like my chaser.

I have the phantom 410 its a verry good case verry well vntalated and there is a large amount of room in the case 

I vote for the Phantom 410. The Tempest 410 Elite's rubber grommets for the cables are easy to come off. The spacing behind the motherboard tray of the Phantom 410 is wider and that means better cable management. Problem with the Phantom 410 is that it doesn't have dust filters for the front fan intakes, so you might wanna buy them separately (Silverstone makes them, around $5 each).