Stuck at loading operating system

Hello. I have manage to get my girlfriend into gaming but she doesnt have a computer for gaming so I figured I would build her one out of my various pc parts.

I have installed Win 10 on a Kingston 120gb ssd and have managed to get into windows several times, first with the 1st version of the system which consisted of an amd x6 1090t and gtx 970 (worked quite well actually). But then the computer wouldn't load windows. I have had this problem before on the motherboard I used with the 1090t when using an ssd so I swapped in another motherboard with an 8350 and now I am stuck at the loading operating system screen.

Things I have tried:
Turn on AHCI mode - didnt work
Unplug everthing in the usb ports - didnt work
Reset Bios - didnt work

The specs are:
Amd fx8350
Gigabyte 990x-ud3 motherboard
8gb Corsair vengance 1600mhz ddr3
MSI gtx 970 gaming (will be swapped out for an r9 290 but shoudnt be relevant.)
Corsair HX650 power supply
Kingston 120gb ssd

Update: Seems like I made a thread prematurely, my apologies. What worked for me was using an usb with the win10 installation and using the repair startup option or whatever it is called.

I can't manage to find what I exaclty did but I've ran a command on my old W7 PC to transfer the OEM license that just deleted all the configuration files from the old installation and allowed me to boot the old HDD on the new PC. If you look on the internet you might find what I'm talking about.

If the AHCI mode was not enabled when the installation on the x6 1090t was done the system is not set to boot from AHCI drives and the driver is not loading at boot so going that route is useless.

I did not know that about ahci mode, thanks for clearing that up :)

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Welcome (: