Struggling between a few earbuds

Hello guys, I am on the verge of buying new earbuds but I kind of lack enough knowledge in order to choose the right ones that will be the best for their price.The models I am currently struggling between are : AKG K376 / Roccat Syva / Roccat Aluma / JBL J33I BK.What are they going to be used for : talking on skype, listening to music on my phone possibly with PowerAmp (we all know how much bass that thing can add, right ^^) , random usage on laptop.I just want them to be durable (talking about many years of absolute durability) and to have a nice quality both for bass and voice clarity.If anyone had experience with any of those please share it and if anyone has a better proposition please do share as well.Thank you for your help :)

They are a tad expensive (115$ US) But steelseries is awesome. It has two cords for pc/mobile, so they should work for what you need.

Well .. I do like them but first of all I don't they'll be comfortable on me and I don't really like the fact I can't order them in my country ;s nevertheless thank you, I appreciate it :)

I'm using a pair of Sennheiser CX300 Precision II and I can easly say that they sound really good. So my suggestion is to pick up the said model at a good discount price or the model came out after, the CX 3.0. I've been using many years the CX175 throwing them around and even washing them once and they've been working great until I bent the connector (they still work but I don't want to damage any of my devices with a bent connector).

Why do you think they would be uncomfortable? Just curious.
Where do you live? Australia?

Because I'll be using them also while laying on my pillow and I find them too big and might hurt my ear, I don't know.And I live in Bulgaria, we don't have them here in any site or store - as far as I checked.Plus I really dislike the fact they have 2 separate cords - I want them with 1 cord.

I think I liked the CX 3.00 but I still wanna ask .. aren't the ones I proposed better ? I mean they are more expensive aren't they supposed to be better as a whole ?

¯\ _ (ツ) _ /¯

Amazon? other then that idk.

So, it has one cord with split ends for mic and audio, and it has one cord that has both, so you can choose which one you want.
Im not trying to convince you to buy them, just addressing your concerns. I am not a fanboy

I don't really recommend having ear bud in while sleep, they can make you ears a little uncomfortable by getting warms and your ears sweating on the inside. Also, if you are one to tumble around as you sleep, you might find yourself wrapped up in them.
Also, I have broken a decent amount of earbud cables like that. Sad to say probably around 6 pairs.

If anything I would probably pick up a small stereo adapter, for what ever you are playing music on and keep it at a very low volume.

Well it's not exactly for listening to music in the bed as for .. calling someone if you understand .. I'll probably buy either the CX 3.00 / AKG K376 or the JBL J33i BK.Thank you nonetheless for the help guys :)

i use cheap $20 bluetooth ones from amazing(used for working out) they are much better than half the junk ones ive bought. solid mic and sound. stay away from those razer in-earphones.

I would seriously avoid a gaming brand's earbuds. I've never seen a gaming product reasonably priced to a comparable product from a non gaming product that has similar performance. Sure for like mice you can say there aren't any non gaming branded mice that perform comparably or maybe there aren't surround sound headsets outside of gaming brands, but you can't say that for earbuds. Gaming brands aren't good bang for your buck avoid them unless they provide a specific desirable feature that non gaming products lack.

Important question: do you want them to block outside noise, or is it OK to be slightly open?

A higher price do not always translate into a better product or in a product that you'll like. Also I couldn't say anything about the other models (other than avoid the gaming ones) and the price difference between the models you choose and the Sennheiser is not that much. I don't know if you care about it but sometime spend a little bit less can give you better value (I don't want to convince you of my suggestion, just pointing out an overall rule).

There are so many garbage earbuds out there. I've stuck to a set of Xiaomi Piston 3s. They sound excellent - a slight v curve, decently punchy bass, and very comfortable. Very close to one of the most comfortable earbuds I've worn. They sit in your ear instead of jamming your ear with silicone, are very lightweight, have a pretty damn good mic. They don't isolate sound as nicely as other earbuds though. I've compared it to my friend's Bose Quietcomfort 20s and the sound is freakishly comparable. Of course, the Quiet Comfort 20 has amazing noise cancellation features, though.

Just make sure you get a legit one. I got mine from banggood since they've got a US warehouse. Only $20 or so. You can also get them at Gearbest for really cheap, but shipping takes a couple of weeks.

These look awesome.

Just wanted to throw some suggestions to you:

I personally work in a shop that can get loud, so i wanted to get something that would block outside noise, be portable, and sound good. I ended up with some Etymotic's, and love them. Etymotic has been dealing with pro grade stuff for a while, and it shows. You get a selection of not only several types of tips to pick from, but also several sizes as well. I've been using the 3 stage silicone ones that goes way inside your ear, and have found them to be simply amazing. Not only can I stand next to loud machines that would normally make you cringe without hearing protection without worry, but i can also wear them all day in comfort.

If you want something that sounds amazing, and don't mind hacking a little, the Monoprice 8330 are by far the best bang for the buck. They are slightly open, so others can hear what you are listening to, but that could be a good thing too depending on your needs. Just make sure you buy some Comply tips for them as the stock ones suck. Then, if you want a mic, just reuse some shitty ear buds with a good cable, and rewire them.

I actually convinced my buddy, who is a professional musician, to buy them, and he actually swears by them now when he just wants to listen to music. That's over some much more expensive solutions like the Shure 350s that he uses on stage. That is the catch though, because of their open nature, they don't block out sounds, so when doing a live performance, he prefers something that does, even if it doesn't sound as good. That and the Shures fit more securely behind the ear, which is good when your are in stage.

I have some hearing loss in the higher end of my right ear. Can IEM's helps with that?

Wait, do you mean hearing loss of higher frequencies?

Yes. Although I think I might have to get my right ear cleansed a bit. I occasionally get a popping feeling coming from my right ear. I think I got some hearing damage listening to MP3'S. Which I highly recommend you stay away from because that format will cause hearing damage. Stick with lossless or just cd's and tape recording's.