Streaming with Desktop AND Laptop

sorry if this is on the wrong forum, but i play a lot of SC2 and stream quite a bit. i feel like i'm being held down by my processor, (hey i built this PC on a budget) but i have a beast graphics card. i have a laptop with a VGA port and that laptop has an i7, and i was wondering if i could get like a VGA cable ( i have one) and put it from my graphics card and put it to my laptop, duplicate the screen, and still be able to go navigate my way to a streaming program like OBS or Xsplit. i've heard a lot about with VLC. should i stream with a cable or VLC for high quality streaming?

Laptop VGA is  VGA Out, allmost never does it actually accept incoming signal. Some people have used server software and hooked the laptop up as a second monitor. But thats out of the question, if you are doing gaming.

What you need, is a recording videocard, can be both external or internal, but it would propably be easyer to get a better CPU. No matter what you stream with, you are using your CPU, same with recording stuff.

OR you can cut down the resolution of the game, so it wont be so heavy on your CPU