Streaming PC

I'm at a bit of struggle for choosing parts. I hope to run my stream at 1080p 30fps or just 720p 60fps would be nice too. I am stuck between an FX8320 (going to overclock the mess out it if I get it and it's cheaper) or like an i7 4770k or xeon e3-1225 (can use quick sync to off load CPU and good for streaming CPU intense games plus intel runs better statsically. I know I will get an r9 290 (maybe Xfire) cause prices unless if shadowplay can produce a stream quality (not too sure). I'm not too sure if RAM has a big impact on streaming, I just need help. Please explain if you tell me something that isn't too apparent or if you give me a pcpartslist. PS I want it silent enough where I am not sacrificing cooling and something under $2500, I want a lot of SSD space, and an added bonus what monitor I should get? 1080p 120Hz 1ms monitor, 3440x1440 monitor, or a 4k monitor.

I know I am a mess. You should see me live streaming. Twice the mess especially with the setup I have now.

The Xeons will not work with Intel's Quick-Sync, as Intel's Quick-Sync technology utilizes the integrated graphics for encoding.

The Xeon E3s that end with a 5 have integrated graphics. Logan said it in a video and I double checked. It's true.

BOL BOL BOL sorry, I have a scarred cornea right now and I initially thought your post said "STEAMING PC"


LOL sounds like a failed water cooled PC.

The xeon E3-1225-V3 indeed has HD-4600P graphics inside, however, this cpu does not have hyperthreading so its basicly a locked i5.

I would personaly look at a 4770K or a FX8350. for gaming + streaming. depending on the games you play.

That depends on?

i made 2 options

AMD option:

intel  option:

Both are very decent options wen it comes to gaming + streaming. which is the best choice, depends on the games you wanne play + stream. ☺

if you play games like arma dayz lol wow and such, these game have a horrible optimization for multiple core ussage, so for those games, an intel cpu would be a better choice. But most todays games like BF4 WD, wolfenstein, bioshock, etc etc all run fine on both intel and amd.

Both Impressive builds. But on the line of Intel, would it be worth the wait for next gen CPUs?

on the intel line, in my opinnion yes, it would be worth waiting a month or so, till  devils canyon is released. 4790K will be arround the same price as the 4770K so if you can wait, i would do that. cause it can never hurt.

I mean broadwell, not Devil's Canyon. Plus by that time, I wouldn't be surprised if the GTX 800 Maxwell line comes out and I heard both lines are very power efficient which allows greater overclocking because I'm pretty sure you've seen the insane overclocking people got with the GTX 750 Ti

Well, I learned something today.

Quick sync compat.

Depends on how long you want to wait.  Broadwell is still months down the line.

It's often a question about "when should I buy my stuff".  If you keep waiting, you're going to be hearing about the next generation stuff, and end up in a waiting cycle.  However, with devil's canyon releasing very soon, now is a alright time to buy. 

Dont worry. We all do everyday.

well depends on wenn broadwell is getting released, in terms of performance, there will not realy a big performance bump over the current 4770K atleast that is what i suppose. maybe better overclockability. but thats something we won´t know till we see it. lol


I know. I just had a need of an upgrade during the intermission of moving to new gen technology

broadwell is about power efficiency not performance, overclocking? if thay still keep the VRM management on the cpu like haswell chips overclocking will still be hit and miss as oc'ing on haswell is down to the cpu its self and not down to how much you spend on a oc'ing mobo. (a cheap 4+2 vrm mobo can achieve the same overclocks as very expensive 16+ power phase motherboards)

But the Devil's Canyon CPUs are them fixing the problem of overclocking on Haswell so they know their mistake.

This is what I thought as well.  It's a die shrink, which is great for power efficiency.  Performance would theoretically increase due to the smaller fab process, but I'm not too sure about overclocking.