Streaming PC, 8320E?

Overhauled the original build, anything else I need to change in it? I trimmed down the cost a bit mostly since the end goal was about 700, not sure I could do much better.

Very nice price on that case, but I'm afraid it won't be very silent. Looks like a very "open" case, any noise the cooling fans, drive etc make will be heard outside it. It might even amplify some noise. But very nice price.

I have made "open" cases like that much more quiet with of the shelf dampening material like sheets of thin bitumen (pre applied glue on one side, common in automotive applications) and foam used in loudspeakers (also works wonders as intake fan filters if thin enough). Can be a cheap way to get a little less noise. Stuff like bitumen make the case notably heavier, but the point is to do that so things don't rattle. Good on side panels, and blocks off those huge fan holes that I almost never use anyway. I could take some pictures of a "server" case I have modified this way.

There are kits for sale that contain pretty much the same, bitumen and foam glued together. I've found them to be a bit on the expensive side compared to standard stuff, but might save you some time.