Streaming onto Twitch with GoPro?

Hello all,

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I bought a GoPro and thought I'd like to try some livestreaming from the GoPro directly to Twitch. I have no idea how I would go about doing that, even after some Google-Fu. It seems like I may need a capture device with a passthrough for this? How would that work and what kind of capture device would be best (I only need 1080p 60fps)?

I want to stream POV gaming (without streaming the actual game content, only the GoPro feed).

Thanks guys

and then i would do a dedicated mic for audio which you can setup with obs

I'm guessing the OP was looking for some first hand info from someone on the forum

I would buy a PCI Express capture card for best video streaming results via twitch or YouTube, Or a DVI/HDMI route to a separate computer with a capture card for even better results. This would take the weight of video capture entirely off of your computer, so you can put the extra resources towards Clairity and Smooothness in your games.

if you need a good capture card for your comp i suggest an elgato PCI cap card Make sure you have an open slot in your system before buying one.

I get what you're saying but unfortunately I didn't find out much through Google, which is why I came here.

Thanks. Separate computer is not an option. A capture card with an integrated encoder shouldn't put much stress on the PC right? Does that capture card simply show up as an input device for OBS then?