Streaming, gaming and virtualization build

TL;DR - I need help with choosing platform for pass thru gaming and thoughts on “GPU Monitor hold out”, sum around 4-5k USD. And also tips on what to choose for pass thru good experience.

So I’m looking at doing a new build from scratch and I’m trying to figure out if I should “hold out” for something new or just go for it this summer.
I’m looking at ordering parts around end of June.

And I’m torn between what to choose becasue I want too run Linux as host and gaming inside a windows VM. I like games such as Arma series, PUBG, rFactor 2 and simulation games generally.

So I really want the benefit of getting more IPC from i7-8700k.

I assume 2 cores for host and 4 dedicated for the VM should be enough but I’m not really sure if it would’nt be smarter to go with latest ryzen for more cores in the future.

I also want a new monitor like the new wide ones or even the samsung ultra wide one. I want the 144 hz and gsync/freesync feeling as I have never experienced it. But is it really a good time buying the samsung 49 this summer and 1 single 1080Ti these days or just hold out for a little longer? SLI is too expensive to be honest though at these prices.

My current GPU is a r9 380 and a Dell U27 monitor 2560x1440 and I play mostly pubg these days. And I’m thinking I can buy everything in a moth or two but hold out on the GPU and a new monitor to see what happens. But nothing probably comes out before christmas any way, allways bad timing when you want to build from scratch!

I mean, half the cost for buying new rig is just for a new GPU and Monitor these days it seems when I look at what I sort of want.

I also would like to get recomendations on how to get the best experince for gaming on VM with pass through and if physical KVM switch is needed these days etc.

I figure I will spend up to around 4 500 USD for this build where I live and would really wan’t some input on what way to go.

The samsung 49 is good for gaming though because of the lower resolution. But I should really try to find one in a store to see how it feels in height and just regular browsing with 3-4 windows tiled. But on the other hand I want to see what the new GPU’s deliver and what comes as a response to samsungs 49 from the other brands.

Aarrrghhh. Hate doing builds on paper until you have it and are happy with it. The process is mental at these prices.