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Hello folks!

So here is this Finnish friend of mine who's been struggling for the past year to create good, funny and informative gaming content on He's been doing very well. The content is high quality and really fun to watch but, the biggest issue for this guy is how many views he's getting. Very little to be specific. He made a review on the "Magicka" game back on so you can check it out and see what this guy is all about. Mostly he's playing Dota 2, SC2 or Diablo 3 or shoutcasting some pro matches. On mondays he's usually dicking around (as Mr. Day9 himself would say "funday monday") Could you guys give this dude some love and check out his gaming content and if you enjoy it follow his twitch or subscribe to his youtube channel where he uploads all of his stream VOD's.

Badgering TV Twitch

Badgering TV YouTube

Thanks a bunch for reading this grammatical dissaster (I'm from Latvia, sorry :/)



I'm just wondering, has anybody even bothered reading this?

I've read it and I'm sure you're a very nice person but selling your friend to us doesn't mean we're going to look. However, for you, I shall look at your friends streams and maybe delve deeper I enjoy what I see

Currently streaming some Dota 2. Feel free to tune in! :)

Also thanks to downing007! Much appreciated!

Tell him to play some Riki!