Streaming BF4 with a low upload

So I'm in quite the pickle. I have a pretty strong PC, but terrible internet and I'd like to stream. Nothing fancy like 720p 60fps, just some humble 360p/480p 30fps. I've been using Dxtory with OBS/Xsplit, but I haven't had much luck smoothing anything out with either of them.

My current stream settings between OBS and Xsplit are 450-750 max bitrate, 10 very fest preset for Xsplit/Bilinear for OBS, and audio for both is 48Khz  AAC.

Here's my internet. 

Now I now what you're going to say, it's too bad to do anything with. I agree, but this old forum post kind of got my hopes up in streaming with a low upload.

So, are my hopes smashed by the beefyness of BF4's strain on my upload to stream it?