Streaming and editing

My friend is looking to build a pc specifically for streaming and editing gameplay from a ps4 console. It has stream capability but the encoding gets really crappy rendering, the saved video is okay, but yeah want to get a higher quality stream. He is American, US dollar and no specific retailer budget is probably very low, cant imagine more than $800.00 looking for an effective cheap build, not state of the art or anything. Probably more concerned with stream rather than editing vids.

Does he need monitor, keyboard, mouse, OS, ect?

If tower only:

I hope the guy also plays on PC if he can spend 800 dollars on a dedicated streaming/editing machine for his ps4.


Not hating on anything, just hoping money is being spent as well as it could be for his sake.

He's in love with his laptop, but he's a dedicated console gamer. Just concerned with tower appreciate the feedback guys.