[Stream] SEC-T 0x0Beyond 13th september 2018 - Conference day 1


Havent fully watched this one myself, but Mikko guy tweeted that stream timestamped to 1h30min so the action probably starts there

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It seems YouTube only allows you to rewind ongoing live casts 4 hours. Means you can’t view the 1:30 point since the stream started 7 hours ago. Maybe once the stream goes offline, you can watch it on the VOD?

It’s a bit confusing how YouTube says underneath the video that the stream started 7 hours ago, but then when you go to share, the time stamp for “start at” for live is 5:02…

Yeah seems so, I did watch till these started to go through counters, and I did other things, and now I cant even watch it myself :man_shrugging:t2: