Stream audio/video to DLNA renderer from linux

I'm trying find a way to stream my music and videos to devices on my network that support DLNA such as a Samsung SmartTV, some speakers that are connected to my router and maybe an Apple TV (it's not mine so I can't jailbreak it).

Anyway, I was wondering if it is possible to have something like airplay on MAC OSX where you can choose the audio/video output (to an apple tv for example) from within the players.

I can do this from my android phone with an app called bubbleUPnP in which I choose the renderer (ex.: SmartTV) and choose the file to be played.

I don't want to be able to access my media library through my TV which has a terrible interface but rather to chose a file on my computer and have it output on my TV or any kind of DLNA renderer like the speakers in my living room that are currently connected to my router (and can be used with iTunes on a MAC/PC or bubbleUPnP on Android).

I think it's unlikely that Android can do something Linux can't so maybe I'm missing something...

Any ideas? My laptop has both Ubuntu(Gnome) and Manjaro so I'd be happy with a solution for any of them.


I know Pulseaudio can use just about anything as an audio sink. I have several old Airport Express units that I've put around in various places and it works great for sending synced music around the network. One of the first things that came up for me on Google was this:
It's definitely possible. There's a quick guide to set it up here:

I'm not familiar enough with video side of things to help you there though.

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Thanks, i'll try to use that.

i'll look into that. I thought Plex would only make your library available to others on the network, like a server.

it has a built in DLNA server built in as well. i run it on my server but dont really use the DLNA because of reasons.

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Still, I can't stream my music to my speakers that are connected to the network. All Plex does is create a server for my media. If the renderer I want to play my music on does not have an interface it is useless.

Look into mediatomb