Strange(?) Temperatures on ATi HD3850

Hi everyone,

so I have a PC which I built in jan 2009. Since I first tried overclocking the GPU, I noticed it has ridiculously high temperatures compared to what everyone on the internet says is good for a GPU, even at default clocks, but it is stable even for hours of run time at full load.

Today I tried Overclocking it again (got powerhungry) and noticed that even at default clocks and fan settings, it runs at over 100°C and the fan goes to 98% speed only at 107°, which the GPU stays at or jumps back and forth to 106 and 107°C. I am not really concerned about it, because it's been stable for years, but reading on the internet, people pull the plug at 100°C and say that anything above 90°C is bad.

Any thoughts?

This is the model, since I couldn't find any relevant info, it's just a picture so you can see the fan and such: 

Here's GPU-Z info:


It's not 95° at idle, I had it stressed a bit before this screenshot.

Does anyone else use this same gpu?


could just be reporting the wrong temps. have you removed the card and actually felt it after playing a game or something?

ive noticed with my card 3rd party programs give me flat out wrong temp readings

Wow, I feel stupid now for not thinking of it myself... I just touched the heatsink and I can hold my finger on it without burning it, so it's definitely not 95°C.

Is there any way to fix this though? I would like to OC it a tiny bit, but it's weird when my temps are shown as way past 100°C...

not sure other than finding a program that does actually display the right temps

if i was you i would just go for the overclock

ive yet to see an AMD GPU actually fry a whole computer

I've tried a lot of programs and none seem to show it right, even CCC (which rarely opens, I think it's a .net issue) shows wrong temperatures.

Thanks for the help, I don't know why I couldn't think of such an obvious thing as actually touching the GPU myself.