Strange problem involving KB and mouse

So every once in a while after I boot my computer and log in to the desktop, my keyboard and mouse will stop responding. The peripherals still both light up. Unplugging and replugging them does nothing; however the lights will not turn back on. This happens most often after I've left my system running for quite a long time (~18hrs+).

The specs are:

KB: Corsair K70

Mouse: Logitech G9x

Mobo: MSI Z87 GD-65

The kb and mouse are plugged directly into the I/O on the mobo, both into usb 2.0 ports. Each has its own dedicated port, no usb hubs involved.

I haven't changed any usb settings in the bios, nor are my kb and mouse faulty.

The only solution I've come up with is to force shutdown, turn off my psu, and completely drain power from my system before restarting again. This fixes the problem without fail every time.

The problem occurs so infrequently that it doesn't bother me much. Was just wondering if anyone knew why.

it sounds like your whole machine is hanging, likely to be a stability problem, like a tad unstable overclock, or a wrong bios setting,

does your screen still refreshes information?like the clock, does it hangs too?

default your settings in bios and try a biosupdate may sort it

Last time it happened, I'm pretty sure I remember the clock refreshing. My applications were able to startup on boot too.

Since you say that the lights dont come back on - could be a motherboard fault. Try other ports.

Yeah, I have tried different ports, on the case via usb headers and all the ones directly on the mobo (usb 2 and 3 for both) same thing: no lights and no response after I plug it back in.

The thing is, even with the lights, the peripherals don't respond.

Also, I feel it happens much too infrequently to be a motherboard fault. (maybe once every 2-3 months?) I am assuming that if it was a problem with the motherboard, it would happen on some consistent basis? Again, it usually likes to happen after I leave the computer on for quite some time.

To add some details, I've never had the kb or mouse stop responding during a session of regular use. It's always after a fresh boot.

Have you tried updating the firmware? Uninstall and reinstall the drivers for both the onboard usb and your peripherals? Try a different computer entirely? If it works on a different computer, it is more than likely the motherboard or a bad/corrupted install of your OS. CannonBall could be right to. The bios might need to be re-flashed. I have a friend who has serious trouble, and it is solely contributed to a bad ssd. That is why you shouldnt by OCZ. Anyways his internet is wildly unpredictable, he times out often. He also has trouble with drivers.


Might I ask what your hdd/ssd is?

I am running an intel 330 as the boot drive.

I am also reasonably confident that the mouse and kb should be fine by themselves. I have used the mouse on another computer and no such thing has ever happened.

I haven't touched any bios settings (except for OC) or done flashing, so it should be mostly factory settings. I can try updating or reflashing the bios sometime. And same for the drivers. Since I have a dual bios option on my msi GD-65 could I try the secondary bios? It should be the same as reflashing since they are separate right?

Thanks a lot for your suggestions guys.