Strange kernel panics with Ryzen 1600 + Gigabyte AB350M. Eh?

Hi all,

I get the feeling I'm just going to have to return the board, but wanted to run it by you guys first anyway.

So I recently upgraded from my FX-8320+990fx motherboard to a Ryzen 1600 (Overclocks nicely to 4GHz!) and a Gigabyte AB350M. I was unaware at the time but it seems from a little research this board has trouble running GNU/Linux for whatever reason.

I initially went with Ubuntu seeing as that's what I usually install on my home machines, but that wouldn't even boot into the installer so I decided to give OpenSuSE Tumbleweed a go. That installed nicely, but now on boot I get the following kernel panic:

I haven't really messed around too much with kernel related stuff in the OS but I'm more than happy to give anything you guys can suggest a go. I've read online that recompiling the kernel omitting certain bits and pieces can make it work, but again I'm clueless!

I've logged a support ticket with Gigabyte as well as posting this over on Reddit ( and I'll update here should I find a solution.

I should also add I am running the latest BIOS available from Gigabyte, and this is installed UEFI.

set your CPU back to stock

if that does not work then can you post the output after adding loglevel=3 as a kernel parameter?

Place it after the quiet and spalsh section

Hi, thanks for your reply.

I've since received help from somebody over on the Reddit thread I've linked, and followed this ridiculous process to fix it.

  1. Made a Linux LiveUSB
  2. Moved the SSD hosting the target Tumbleweed install into my Laptop
  3. Booted the laptop off the LiveUSB
  4. Mounted the partition holding my linux install as read/write
  5. Added pinctrl-amd to the blacklist
  6. Moved SSD back to my Desktop.

That felt disgusting.

that is quite the hack