Strange issue, when gaming on Linux


So, I noticed if I leave a game running, for some time like 5min. The screen goes blank and the MB orange light keeps flashing. Like if the system is retraining the memory. It is stuck like that until I restart the system.

Any ideas as to what this could be?

Hardware? Software? OS? … Anything?

Sorry I knew I forgot something!

anyway here are the specs

ASUS x370-F Gaming Motherboard
AMD Ryzen 5 2600x OC to 4.3Ghz
Gskill Flare x 16GB 3200Mhz 2x8GB sticks OC to 3466Mhz
EVGA SSC GTX 1060 OC to +150Mhz on GPU clock +600 on the Memory clock.
Both GPU and CPU are water cooled by EK water blocks and rads, using 2x240mm PE series.

Had prime 95 run for about 4hrs with no issues and memtest86 latest done 4 passes with no issues.

Issue only happens on pop_os latest version, running wine

Get rid of the memory OC and try whatever made the system crash. Also you might wanna set RAM manually to 1.35V.

Did you seen any errors in /var/log/syslog?

I second this suggestion. Manually setting my RAM voltage to 1.35V solved all of the weird random issues I was having with my OS, though I was using Ubuntu, not that it should make a difference.

The OS actually matters when you’re overclocking, not so much on milder overclocks but when you’re starting to push it, kernel configurations and OS power management impact stability as well.

Just one thing:
Make sure your system is not trying to hibernate. I have had this Problem with Rocksmith running through wine. Since i don’t use any input devices in that game, just the Audio Input, my system would lock and try to hibernate on longer songs.
This would also explain the drive activity. It’s trying to save the RAM content to disk.
Just a thought as you stated it only happens when you let a game sit for some time.

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I just meant it didn’t matter much in regards to using Ubuntu vs. Pop_OS! as they are pretty much the same under the hood.

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I Can see why you suggested this, as it memory OC can cause an issue.

But it’s not that I’m afraid.


Unfortunately, the log only shows what happened on the present day, If I do get the issue again. I will check as soon as I can.


When you mentioned Hibernate, I assume you’re talking about the Linux option, which is already off.

Funny thing is with all of that said, I have not had the issue occur at all yet. But things can change. However, I do have a suspicion as to what is causing it. That being the power limit that I adjusted by GreenWithEnvy.

Oh yeah, Power Limit is more placebo on Nvidia Linux drivers. You need to tune the OC parameters to something that would work at 100% power limit, not 120%.

What power supply are you running? (exact make/model etc.)

Check your power setting and the default will be 5 mins till screen off. change it to never off.

See if that works. I personally hate screen off timers.

Seasonic SSR-850FX FOCUS Plus Gold 850W (80+Gold, ATX 12V) PSU

I have that set to 15mins, but I would have thought the machine would still be responsive when the screen goes black.

Was just a guess. You can rule that out.

So I thought I make an update here.

I found it does not appear to be a power limit setting issue.

I had changed the power control setting in the BIOS, from auto to Typical current.

Also, I made some GRUB changes to add a parameter nowait.

So far I have not had any freezes but, I will try and replicate the issue with those setting mentioned above. If they are fixed, I will mention here that the above settings had resolved the issue.

Update: The issue still remains, however, this time it happened when I was using the system.

I have a log file for this, but I do not know what I am looking for, but it should near the end of the log.

syslog.txt (824.7 KB)