Strange GPU and CPU usage issues

Hi guys,

I was pretty sure my AMD phenom II x6 2.6ghz was bottlenecking my MSI GTX 760. So to test this I launched borderlands 2 and ran about for a bit. What I noticed was that I was getting lower fps with barely and usage on both CPU GPU.

In the tundra express a few paces away from the loading screen I was getting high-low thirties (fps). I had msi afterburner and core temp up on my other monitor. 2 of my 6 cores were at around 30% load. 2 were at 50% and 2 were at 75-89%. But also my gpu was at low-high 50% load. So what is bottlenecking me? I did some more runnig around and the issue seems to be reccuring. I would like to note that this happened with my old rig (same amd phenom II x6 2.6ghz but with a saphire 7770) Currently im playing at highest settings 1080p but before when i with my old rig i was getting identitcal fps but at 1280x1024 and no physx. This problem isnt just with borderlands 2, my fps doesnt seem to have changed in any game moving from my old gpu and resolution.

Here is a link to my computer. Its an upgraded hand-me-down:


Upgraded parts on my rig:

I added 4gb of kingston hyperx blue. All my ram has to run at 600mhz because of my motherboard requirments.

Upgraded the radeon 5450 twice (7770-GTX 760)

Thanks in advance for your help,

Potentially a driver issue. Make sure that all traces of the amd drivers are off and the latest nVidia drivers are installed from the nvidia website. 

The fact your ram is running at 600mhz sounds weird and also could be an issue. (unless you meant 1600mhz)


also HP :/ could be a power supply issue. I know they normally come with shitty ones

It must be DDR2. I run my Mac DDR2 at 1066MHz, but the PC plebs always have slow RAMs.

Sorry i meant 666mhz. And I forgot to mention i upgraded my psu to a 500 watt unbranded one. Its definitely DDR3

666 is still extremely low for ddr3

If he is reading the information from CPU-Z the double data rate of 666MHz is 1333MHz (CPU-Z only gives the single data rate for some reason so 666*2 is roughly 1333) so while not the fastest his RAM is running at DDR3 speeds

nope im reading it from my bios. And my motherboard manual says something like if more than two ram slots are filled then all stick will run at 666mhz


see thats just wierd. 

guess not lol see below