Strange file time

using Gnome’s Files 42.2 I’ve made a new folder named test and created a new empty document.
Then change the name to “main.go” and then I saw this on the screen.
How could it be modified one day before it was created?

Maybe it is time zone related? Is the time in your BIOS the same as the one on top of GNOME?

EDIT: I just checked, my BIOS is at UTC0 while GNOME sets it to the right local timezone

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What’s the file system and mount options? Maybe this is a consequence of the “noatime” or “relatime” mount options. On an EFI partition, created just now, (it’s Tuesday here):

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OS: Manjaro + Gnome,
file system: f2fs
mount options (from fstab): defaults,noatime 0 1
It’s on EFI
my timezone is Europe/Berlin which means UTC+2 during summer

You figured out the issue yet?

I thought EFI had to be on FAT32. Anyway, it looks to me we’re encountering a weakness of EFI with noatime.

@regulareel - nope, still nothing
@jlittle - my bad, I mean the system is booted in UEFI mode. EFI partition is FAT32, but the file was created on root partition with f2fs as file system.