Strange fan issue with HD7950

So this is my GPU:

Strange issue I'm having is as soon as the GPU temp gets to 56-57c the fans rev up like crazy and at 59c it's like the fans are at 100%, It also ignores whatever user fan speed i put in Afterburner or at least it seems to follow it until it gets above 56c.

Friend of mine who is a enthusiast overclocker does LN2 OCing and worked with numerous GPUs hasn't seen the problem before.

I tried flipping the bios switch and that didn't help at all and it's all running stock.

So for now ill look at getting a aftermarket artic cooler since even if the problem isn't fixed at least running at 100% fanspeed won't be anywhere near as loud, if anyone has any other suggestions I'd love to hear it.

Think ill enjoy my games with the overclocked profile i normally never used but since it's going to be at the same loudness level on stock might as well use it overclocked haha.

Thats a strange issue allright i have the same card but i have overclocked mine to 1100mhz (core) 1500mhz (mem) and my card never gos over 50% fan speed @70c (thats what the card should be running at is around 65-75c)

56c is just the card warming up no 7950 runs that cool what are you useing to change the fan speeds?

Sorry for a late reply, I just use MSI afterburner for OCing and fan control.

I found out i couldn't use my OCing profile but when i first had the card i stressed it out and was it stable at 1200mhz core 1575mhz mem though using it briefly it just causes my PC to just turn off so i just stick to stock which is: 960mhz core 1250mhz mem.