Stout Recommendation

I started my lady on hefeweizen and lambic beers. The heffs tend to be very gentle and lambics can be sweet. Plus, there is the cool guy moment when you tell her how lambics are made.

I'm only 17 so I don't have much experience but my favorite stout so far is Guinness

If you are trying to "convert" someone to beer in general I would suggest starting with Barley Wine-type of beer. It is more like wine but has the same charactristics of beer. Have to this day convertet 4 cider/wine-drinker to beer ;)

Most types of oatmeal stouts have a type of sweetness that helps take the edge off from the chocolate/roasted taste that comes with darker beers.

If you want something that is sweeter, though, then you may want to consider staying away from the darker brews.  Someone already mentioned wheat beers, and also certain ambers would be a good choice.  If you want something that still has the robust characteristics of a darker brew, look into a dark lager; it may be a nice compromise.

Youngs Double Chocolate Stout.


Cheers to all.

Dragon's Milk,  Its a imperial Strength ([email protected]%)  "whisky barrel milk style stout that packs a punch"

Stone's Coffee Milk stout is one of my favorites.

I know Guinness are working on some new stout recipes  from some books they dug up recently,

I enjoy alot of the micro brews i just never can remember the names heres a linky  Galway bay buried at sea stout is good  reall good



My favorite: Summit Oatmeal Stout -

It might be kind of hard to find outside the midwest. I'll second the New Glarus Oatmeal Stout too. 

one of my favs for sure. so thick and delicous.

boatswain chocolate stout is good, and cheap! i get it at my trader joe's for 2$ a bottle, fills about two glasses.