Story behind your online name?

bored today and sitting around. thought this would be an interesting topic: What is the story behind your online gaming (or watever) name?  


Personnally i use my eschippers name for forum sites and such while in games i usually go with Dracanas. The story behind my Dracanas user name is one day in high school i was digging around in my latin book (yes i took latin the dead language) and i found draco means dragon, now of course i personally didnt like the name draco with a little playing with words and pondering life's mysteries i ended up with Dracanas.


feel free to share your story below



i thought this would be a good break from the "help with my pc build" threads

Well, I'm a viking, but I'm relativey small for a viking.

well thats bringing back memories of one of my older online names "erik awful"


i shall never forgive Ray Stevens

My name: Joona

My brothers name: Mikko

We were both in the volunteer firefighters, but my brothers around 7 years older than me and one of the older member started callen me Joonikko / Joomikko.

My in-game name used to be "Dope" (theres a band called Dope), but one guy started calling me "Dopie" in teamspeak and I found it more original and started using that instead.

Cool thread btw.

when i was like 7... i walked into a quake 3 tourniment sponcered by dell... this was when the XPS was brand fucking new and had some crazy good hardware for the time.

they had about 70 xps desktops set up for people to use for practice / scrims. and then 8 xps laptops set up for the tourniment. i walked in, having never played quake before... practiced for about an hour or two, then signed up for the tourniment. i couldnt figure out how to change my name, and the person using the laptop before me set it to ztrain. i ended up coming in 2nd by one death. first place won a xps laptop, 2nd got 100 bucks, a copy of quake 3 and 2 tshirts. so i was a bit disapointed, but considering i never played the game before..... i kicked some major ass.

My user name comes from my first Harley Davidson. It was a Dyna Glide with an 80 cubic inch engine. The name used for that particular engine was called the Evolution or Evo for short. Hence, Evo80ci.

I was drunk and misspelled trevssteam ha

i love mickeymouse and i had to add a little more violence into it so its mickeydeath

back in my online gaming days I used many aliases, most of which one my friends never found "awesome enough," so one day while I was playing counterstrike, I gave into his push to have an "awesome" alias, and finally in rage I wrote back "WHAT ALIAS WOULD BE AWESOME ANYWAYS?!" And as a joke he wrote back trilobite, so just to piss him off I took the name and added an extra L since he's a writer and hates bad grammar usage/spelling... 

I also liked it since whenever I owned someone in the face, they were killed by some extinct, and probably most harmless creature in earths history.

But hey, never got a complaint since lol.

Mine is simple. Going to be the name of my power gaming rig when I DO get the money

JT - Josh Tye

I used to name myself "Name" (i was 4, didn't knew much english then) or Grunt or some monster in quake and pretend i'm them online, and I needed a "real" nickname, when I was playing Half life, and my character's colors inspired me to pick TropiKo

Bunch of health problem and a few dozen screws loose = sycpuppy.

And he lives up to it every day

I opened up a box of waffles that were old and moldy one morning. The sight haunts me to this day.

Was listening to a lot of Queens of the Stone Age at the time, but also a big brother reference. leads to confusion on forums as I'm a guy.

Scottish pirate metal band, Alestorm - "He caught a case of the scurvy rot, and then that bastard was no more!"

I could come up with some dramatic story like "I used to be the outlier, I was an outcast, an Omega. But one day I decided enough was enough. I had to stand up for all of the outcasts, I had to put and end to the division between us. I stood my ground and closed the gap between the outcasts and the patricians. I was the last to be excluded. I was, the Final Omega." But nah, I made the name when I was 12 because I thought it sounded cool.

From one of characters from anime long long time ago (forgot the name). Wolf-god or something similiar was the guy. He had basicly the same type of a guy as i am. Didnt know back then what Ookami meant, but ive went with it. One day i was bored and went on jap-eng translator and found out its means wolf.


Well my account name is californiachris because, well I live in California and my name is Chris and it alliterates, but I also use ghrimey. I liked the word and how it sounds, especially when it was part of the lyrics of one one my favorite songs. I just customized its spelling by adding the E before the Y and adding a silent H like in Chris. haha