Stories from your current Tabletop RPG Session

I don't have any stories but i would like to hear some XD

My paladin likes to pick up tables and use them as weapons. This has shown about a 50/50 chance of being epic or fail.

He also uses the party rogue as a projectile weapon against bosses.


amazing, this is why i want to play D&D

When it works it's amazing. When it fails, everyone has a good laugh and chides me. I find the player morale benefits more than makeup for the high fail rate.

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im in a 3.5 game where i play a shapeshifter variant druid who spends his time as a large size war cat. he is also a grapple specialist. well our pally was infected with a curse that made him go insane, so my cat heard his npc scream in terror. so a large size war cat jumps through the bedroom window and sits on him... as he struggles i begin thwapping him in the face repeating "go to sleep". to great laughs in the room as we all saw avengers 2 three days prior. as he was knocked out my dm made me roll a will save... i rolled a nat 1... and as such my inner cat took over for a second and i "marked" him as mine. GOOD TIMES!