Storage Wars

Need help deciding on SSD.



Thank you.

Either the MX100 or a Samsung 840 Evo or 850 Pro. I'd go with the Samsung drives. They are the best really IMO. Other ones use Sandforce or I don't really trust them. The MX100 is a great lower cost option while the Samsungs are better if you have a little bit more money to spend.

As for the mechanical drive get the WD. The WD Blues are great drives and in my experience way more reliable. I have owned around 5 Seagates and about 8 WDs over the past about two years. Everyone of the Seagates have failed while all the WDs are going strong. So....

+1 for Samsung EVO. Not only do they rate and test well, they perform well in the real world.

technically... the only drawback is the toggle flash which degrades faster than synchronous flash... but we're talking about a period of 10 vs 25 years with regular consumer use... and 10 years from now there will be storage technology that's far beyond PCI-based flash cards... so go with what you can afford... the MX100s are not shabby at all, but the 840 EVO and obviously 850 PRO do perform a bit better in benches

Yeah very true but it is a long time. Most users will never reach the write limits. 

Also, it has been well known that these drives can last much much longer than their projected life spans. I think there are some 840s with 20 some years of simulated use on them. Still going strong.