Storage upgrade thoughts and opinions

hey guess wat.... hdd storage space fills up fast. so i thought it would be time to finally move away from my 1.5 tb 5900rpm seagate and move into something a little more spacious. currently im looking at keeping my 120gb intel ssd for my os, but im thinking of swapping in to new hdds. the delema im currently trying to look into is wether to get two 1.5tb drives or two 2 tb drives for $40 more.

with the two drives i plan one to hold my games and everything else, with the other holding my raw video files that i may be editing at the time.

another thing im looking at possibly doing it getting a 2tb drive for my videos and then wait for some more money to roll in and get two 2tb drives and put them in raid 0 for the games and everything else( raid 0 i think would work well since it will only really be holding my games so if i lose it i wont be devestated)

the drives im looking at:

1.5 tb

2.0 tb


leave any thoughts, comments, opinions, random remarks, and/or facial expression in the area below

thanks for your input

I would suggest going with Western Digital instead, but if you can't afford it then go with Seagate:

Anyway, I always like RAID 0, so I would vote for that option.