Storage solution for multiple hard drives (15-20+)


I will be getting many hard drives (225 GB) for free and I am not sure how to store them effectively and without spending too much money. I would like to use them as a backup/external storage system. I don't have an exact number as of right now but the number is in the high teens (15-20). I will also be getting a small form factor PC with 2 SATA ports that may help in the overall solution. I've seen external bays but they don't seem cost-efficient as they typically offer storage for 4-5 HDDs. I've also contemplated on SATA multiplier adapters but they may not be supported by the aforementioned PC.

If anyone could offer a possible solution that would not cost me much money I would appreciate it. I'm looking at something under $50 CAD.


I don't like your chances. Maybe you could find a second hand server which has room for that many disks but for $50 you'd have to be pretty lucky.

You could get one of those fiber channel enclosures but you'd still need to get a HBA for your pc and I doubt you'd be able to get all that for $50 either.

Otherwise you'd need to get a case which supports that many disks and enough raid controller cards to support all the disks. Again, not a very cheap option.

wait you're going to be getting a bunch of small old hard drives?

because for 60 CAD you could be just getting a 1TB WD blue drive