Storage Server with LSI Controller

I want to set up a storage server with ESXI following this guide. I have an Asus asus z10pc-d8/sas motherboard that has an on-board LSI SAS 3008 controller and 10 sata ports. I only really need to use one or the other for my storage server but it would be nice if I could use both.
So I have a couple of questions about setting it up. From what I can tell I would have to pass the bare disks directly to the VM to set up something like the guide, is that right? I know the most common way of passing bare disks to a VM is to pass through a LSI controller that is flashed to IT mode. Would that be the easiest option in my case? Or would it be easier to pass-through drives form the chipset sata?
I can’t find any information on flashing an onboard LSI controller on an Asus board. Would the process be close enough to a LSI controller on a Supermicro motherboard? If not is there a guide somewhere specific to Asus boards or this board? Assuming it’s possible to flash it all, where would I get the firmware? I checked Asus’s website and I didn’t find it and their support was not especially helpful.

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