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My pc has a 2tb WD black. When I built it I didn't want to spend the money on a ssd. I've since built two more pc's for family all with ssd's and they are great. My 2tb drive is getting dangerously close to full and I need to add more storage. I definitely want a ssd for booting but I'll need another hdd for storage. What should I do as far as raid for 2 hdds and 1 ssd? Also what is the best way to backup my stuff since the drive will have to be wiped to setup raid? I want to put my steam library on the hdds, is there a way to back this up so that everything doesn't have to be redownloaded?

Most boards have an onboard raid solution, though its usually not great it will work for you in this case. You could get a cheap enterprise raid controller like a Dell PERC5 or something on ebay. It would be better in the long term IMO.

Use an external drive? Not sure what you mean.

Just backup the "steamapps" directory in the steam folder. Install steam on the new setup and go to install a game you already had, when it asks where to put it, point to that steamapps folder you created and it will automatically show all the games you had installed previously.

Thanks so much for the input. Should I raid the ssd with the hdds? what raid # should I use? Mobo is z87 sabertooth. Thanks again

Wont work. The raid must use identically sized drives.

Well if you're only using 2 drives, you're limited to RAID 0 or 1. If you dont know what that means you should probably research those, because they do very different things. If you've never played with raid before I would not do so on your main system as its really easy to lose the array settings and your data along with it.

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Well for one I sure as shit wouldn't use raid. If it wakes up angry all your shit is gone.

Personally I would get a 512 gig ssd and another haid dive, maybe 2 if on sale, and start transfering your files over and wipe the old drive. Install fresh on the ssd. Then when you're done you could just make a generic storage pool.

I just used this to back up my steam game files last week when doing a rebuild:

worked a treat

Thanks for the replies. I'll probably back up my steam library in the way TheDr outlined, and then wipe the drive and install a ssd and another hdd. Ill probably leave the two hdd's seperate and not raided, per the advice of Adubs and Aremis. Thanks for all the advice.

If you ever plan to use hdds larger than 2tb do not buy old raid cards.Cards like dell perc 5 and 6 have limit on hdd size they can use.