Storage media workflow?


I am looking for something to improve my work flow when it comes to offloading 60+ Gigs at a time of data from SDXC/ III
At fast speeds, i have found this lexar modular workflow system that looks perfect, except it seems quite a lot and seems very big, also dont like it aesthettically , all that gloss plastic..

So I am looking for something like this that has built in flash storage and multiple SD/Mircro SD card 3:0 ports to quickly offload data onto, I can then edit it and move it into either my "Working files drive" 1TB 850 Evo or into "Archive" Multi 5TB WD blacks.

What about IB-880 from Icybox -

Or any other dock they have, on mine Mobile is very hard to navigate on them website.

The key on finding your products is multiple-SD, many docks like Kingston one I use only support 1 card per type of card, but they're very fast.

Hi Yeah I was looking at this! looks nice and small, Only thing it doesn't have is storage, but its a hell of a lot cheaper so I could get a small 128gb USB 3.0 drive and have it permanently plugged in for that functionality