Storage Hardware needs to mine storage based crypto. Silent for apartment

1 year listener to Level 1 tech youtube channel but first time writer to the community forum.
i am a noob who is getting into DIY pc build and crypto mining .
Currently i have a PC with config
Ryzen 3600XT
-DDR4 64 GB RAM Gskills
-1TB Samsung NVME M2

  • 500 GB Samsung NVME M2
  • 10TB HDD
  • X570 motherboard .
  • Four more slots for additional HDD and Sata SSD

My requirements :
i want to scale my storage needs for storage based crypto mining .

  • In market for a hardware that is super silent for an apartment.
  • Will like to have the hardware with Linux debian on it .
  • of course it should be scalable to say 100TB as mining will require lot of plotting on HDD .
  • Budget conscious

Need some recommendations from experts in the community .

Mining and silent aren’t really going to play nice together very well unless maybe you can put a wall inbetween you and the hardware. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Storage based mining is not CPU or GPU intensive.

But the need for HDD is a problem for a truly silent build, since they’re the loudest components of a modern system with an adequate tower cooler.

OP basically just needs a NAS and to avoid small-form factor cases.

With HDD capacity exceeding 18TB at the high end and no need for RAID, so long as the motherboard supports 6 or more SATA ports, literally anything should work.

lol but on a serious note i saw someone online got some sort of solution to this with a casing of sorts . Not sure if its any good. title of that you video is " How to build a quiet 117TB Plex media server (Pt 1)".

Personally i don’t care about the noise just don’t wanna get thrown out of the apartment by my spouse. :smile:

True dat . I have enterprise Seagate so far the noise levels are very low . Only thing is i have like other people who are mining like few 100 tb in parallel so planning on doing it on larger scale.

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