Storage Drive Recommendation


I'm looking at getting an internal storage drive for my main rig (used for gaming, school, video editing, everything I do basically). I currently have 2x WD black 7200rpm 1tb drives in it, but those have filled up with pictures, video, games, and more. I would like the budget to be below $150 if possible, but $200 max. So far I've been looking at the WD green and black series on bestbuy's website (I have a $25 gift card) and this Seagate drive. I haven't had a Seagate drive and am unsure about the reliability. I just want something that is fast to read/write/play/edit from HD video and lots of pictures. I do have backups but I am extremely fearful of having a drive fail on me, which is why I'm here. Any suggestions?

Currently WD has the more reliable drives, seagate isn't doing so hot apparently.

Consider getting a WDred, they're made very reliably and have a 3-5yr warranty compared to 2yr on the blue/green. They're meant for NAS configurations but will work as normal drives They're not the fastest thing in the world at 5400rpm but they're fast and reliable enough. a 3-4TB runs about $114-155

also if you're looking desktop drives that won't fail on you consider getting two cheapo 2-3TB drives and run a raid1, it'll keep all the stuff saved in parity accros the drives and you'll get double the reads


It is a desktop drive, but I've only got space for one.

Every Seagate drive I have ever owned has failed in less than 2 years. Only have had one WD fail. It was a Caviar Green (not the best) and it was over 6 years old and in constant use. But HDDs are really luck of the draw.

If you get a WD green It will be just fine just do one thing grab wdidle3 and set the timer to 300. This way the drive will spin down after 5 minutes of inactivity instead of 7 seconds.

Downside is that it is a DOS only tool but it will greatly increase your hdd lifespan. It's the only drawback of WD green drives the complete ridiculous spindown time which is far too aggressive.

Go get a WD black 2TB

Got that one. I was looking for it but couldn't find it cheap enough. Surprising it didn't show up. Got it for $120 with the sale and a promo code. Thanks!

No problem.