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Storage 'case' for 20-30 2.5" drives

Hello everyone!
So, I have about 20-30 Fujitsu 2.5" HDD, brand new…they are only 250gb each and I was hoping to try and put them into some type of enclosure and run JBOD and just use them as general storage. I’d like to be able to connect them to my network yet not an absolute necessity. Anyone have any ideas? I kinda looked at some of the server hardware, yet I don’t know enough to know what’s what beyond the differences between SATA, SAS, SCSI…help please.

Netapp 2246 disk shelf can hold 24 such drives. You would need to stagger spinup and balance then to make sure you aren’t hitting them all unevenly. A large zfs pool would be my suggestion.

Connect the shelf to a small server running a zfs friendly os (FreeNAS) and you get 5TiB of resilient storage.

Good luck