Stopping the lan douche

One of the guys in my house works nights and spends the entire day watching high def netflix, so when i get home the broadband has dropped to "used too much" slow mode. Now i want to limit him to 5 megabit a second which should be enough for him but not enough to trigger my ISP's "[email protected]@k you" mode. I cant use the router for this as its a dirty crummy ISP shi*t-box with no management.

So my thoughts was to hide a rasberry pi2 with a secondary usb nic on his wire in the cupboard and use packet shaping to slow his roll.

Would this be just a iptables rule saying pass down eth0->eth1 and everything on eth1->eth0, then use wondershaper to limit both eth0 and eth1 to 4000/ 400?

can a ninja give me a help iptables makes no sense at all XD

I pay for the broadband so im not legally in the wrong, i think? amd i dont want to start a fight with him over internet



Your bandwidth is your bandwidth. If you're supposed to get 15Mbps, make sure you're getting that and that should be plenty for the both of you. If you're not, give your ISP a call.

I've never seen an ISP outside of a Mobile carrier limit your speeds if you're using what you pay for. Either you're not understanding something on this end, or I'm not understanding your ISP situation.

Finally, you can restrict bandwidth at the router level. No need to mess with a rasberry pi.

Are you sharing your interwebz connection with someone? or is your whole appartment building sharing one connection?

Can I introduce you to Time Warner or ComCast?

I at times have to use a VPN tp watch HD Videos due to throttling. Granted, I am on a Cable connection and might be throttled by the community as a whole, but There is some throttling involved surely...

@WTFShelley I thinks thats a great Idea, but before you go all ITNinja I would definitely give your ISP a call, maybe even reboot your modem, but The raspberry Pi is definitely a viable option. I'm at work so I can't go in-depth with suggestions atm.


I've had RCN and business class Comcast at work and no throttling there. I honestly did not know this was a common practice simply because I've not had to live through it. That's shitty considering you're paying for the advertised speeds.

You should do as mentioned about calling the ISP.

Does it also happen if hes not been using the internet? If its always at night, I know some places ive stayed have been bad for over provisioning and at night things would always slow from to many houses being on the same pipe.

Saying that, if its your internet our free to do what your like with it and he doesnt have a say.

If your ISP has nothing to say, you can go the pi route and it will work as you said. You'll need to do basically what you've described. If no one gives you an answer ill look over the weekend if you've not got it.

The other option is to get a router/firewall between your network and the crap equipment your ISP gave you. If you have to use it, it doesn't mean you cant have another network attached to it thats your own.

Hmm Logan always mention this but i was always like yeah it sounds bad...But now reading about it...Am glad to be in Europe! (Sorry i just had to mention it, i mean it just sounds so dumb.)

Europe isn't safe from bullshit either. My german telekom 50Mbit VDSL is throttling basically every mp4 file. And the best proof of that is that when I use JDownloader for some youpor ...uuuhh youtube files, the audio stream is flying onto my system at full speed while the mp4 is around 50-500kbps.
VPN to the rescue, sure. But it is still BS.

Don't wanna derail this too much so I'll stop right here.

I would also check your isp account mail inbox. If you're noticing serious bandwidth cuts I'd bet $5 you've gotten multiple emails about copyright infringement from porn torrents.

I had to go through that with my roomate. He streams now instead of torrent them. [ eye roll ]

yeah its slowly falling apart there too. Time to vote pirate party i geuss.

@eidolonFIRE, checked my provider email, no warnings going back 2 months so not that.

@Eden, Mostly at nights, days he is away i get full speed all night.

@Lauritzen, its a shared house not a apartment block

Im living in the south of england, and my ISP Virgin Media is known to be extra shitty with their "Fair usage" clause, which is a vague as you can imagine.

I might just do it anyway to fuck with him, and let enjoy upsidedownternet and kittynet XD

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Maybe post on twitter... that's the fastest way to get taken care of in the US anyway. They hate that bad publicity.

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That's all the extremely overly complicated way to do what you want.

The easy way is to go into your router and setup QoS for his computer to be limited to X bandwidth.

I prefer if you just have a "chat" with that guy of yours, instead of trying to control the place using sneaky tactics and such. Only by discussing the issue in person can you deal with this problem effectively. The person has to understand the limits of using your place's stuff like that. Otherwise it's best to get rid of him or something.


set whatever device he is using to medium quality.

job done.

well damn..............that would fix everything.........why do i always go sneaky/nerdy instead of simple logic

What is your advertised download/upload speeds? You could always upgrade (if possible) and ask him to chip in. Ethernet cable may also improve your connection. I thought Virgin have half decent routers. Could you ask them to ship you one of their new ones?

because you are a sneaky nerd ?

You would still have to go sneak don't you i don't think he will agree on medium content :p

you should make it look like someone broke into your places, like ransack everything and take a few of your things to say you got robbed, meanwhile you should drop his laptop from the roof breaking it and say the crooks got away with your stuff but i guess they dropped your laptop. damn.

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