Stop Windows 10 Telemetry and Automatic Updates Completely with this Simply Trick!

The simple trick, you may be wondering? Do a simple upgrade to Window's 10 Enterprise, and all of your problems shall disappear.

Don't believe me?

Disable Window's 10 Updates:
Disable Window's 10 Enterprise Telemetry:

P.S: If you're currently running any other versions of Windows 10, you can upgrade to Enterprise without any issues, which is what I did, from the Pro version.

I don't understand why this is never talked about on this forum...

Well we shouldn't be forced to upgrade our OS, and in doing so buying a new license key thus giving MS more money, to avoid having data pulled from a computer we own. The overreach by Microsoft is pretty extreme, particularly since I actually bought my key and didn't get it for free.


Completely agree.

I'm just putting this out there so people know that it exists and there are permanent workarounds.

Who said you have to buy a new license key to do this? I definitely didn't. You can run it as a trial, pay for it, or do the incredibly illegal thing and inject a key into the O.S. I totally do not recommend that last option, Microshit, please don't sue me.

Everyone with illegal installs of Window's using a key which was injected, you should all feel ashamed of yourselfs!

/s. Fuck you, Microsoft.


It has been mentioned several times actually but the main reason is that legitimate Enterprises licenses are out of reach to the typical consumer and so are not really relevant to 99%+ of Win 10 users.

And as per forum rules:

Discussing alternative licensing methods to make software work in ways that bypass what the developers intend is discouraged. There are other forums for such topics.


Obligatory "Install Linux"

Easiest way to get rid of your microsoft problems. Your solution probably isn't talked about at all on the forums because it's effectively "M$ is fucking me over? WELL I'LL GIVE THEM MORE MONEY, THAT'LL SHOW THEM!"


I was half expecting a troll "install Gentoo" in the OP


The problem is, in the beginning this was also the case for Win Pro, but then Microsoft was caught redhanded also doing telemetry and manipulation group policies in pro, and just recently negating BitLocker even lol, so they just decided that the Pro version should not have the privileges any longer... they haven't been caught red handed for Enterprise yet, because large corporations that use Enterprise site licenses (which is the only way to get it legally outside of the US, paying for it is not enough, read the EULA!), have very shitty IT departments that know jack shit about IT but know everything about keeping their job, and because large corporations that use Enterprise site licenses have big legal budgets. And that's all there is to say about this probably... when did anyone ever get what they paid for with Microsoft? Why would that have changed with WIndows 10? Exactly...

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This is why I use linux.


Because Enterprise versions are not available to home customer.
You could basicly only get Enterprise volume licenses or you could get Enterprise trough school projects.
And even in the normal version of Enterprise, telemetry tracking is still a thing.
The Windows10 version with the least tracking in it is probably the Enterprise N LTSB version.
Because this version is just a plain vanilla windows10 without any modern apps and feutures like cortana and edge etc.

We did at our company, we are on Linux now.

It is! The other solution people came up with is this:


Thanks for sharing this info. its helped to us