Stop the nsa from tracking your ip? Video:/

This is an video that apparently tells you how to stop the nsa from tunneling into your computer. It doesn't work for windows 8 though. :/.....and i got windows 8:(

I hate his dumb ass. Apparently it was an joke. Sorry:(

I was about to say nope to your original post. But ill say yup to this post, this is not how people spy on you.

Just for reference, tracert or tracepath/traceroute on Linux trances the route a packet takes to get to your destination. Since the internet is made up of many servers and routers, there isnt a direct link from you to your destination, insead youll connect to your ISP and your ISPs routers will lookup the information for your destination and psuh the packet on to the next router on the path.

Think of it like posting a letter, the postman doesnt deliver it directly to your destination, it goes to a postbox, then sorting office, then regional office, then local office, then postman in the morning, then its destination.

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