Stoner/Doom/Drone: What you got for me?

I'm loving this kinda stuff lately.

  • Om
  • Sunn O)))
  • Colourhaze
  • Boris
  • Sleep
  • Earth 
  • Earthless
  • Cathedral

What do you lot reccomend? 

Not a fan of Drone Doom, but I do like a lot of Funeral Doom and some "Traditional" and Stoner Doom.

Funeral Doom: Mournful Congregation, Mistress of The Dead, Comatose Vigil, Left in Torment, Monolithe, Tyranny, Asunder

other Doom bands: Isole, Krux, Men In Search Of The Perfect Weapon, Orange Goblin.


Well you already tossed my number 1 favorite up there, Sunn O))). I could recommend Electric Wizard!


I'll check those out. Krux are pretty sweet. Cheers, man.

Yesss!!! How could I of forgotten of Bongzilla and Electric Wizard! Legends!

I made a new thread, then saw I actually had an old one.

Anybody have some stuff they care to share? 

Ablaze in Hatred, Wine from Tears, the Spektrum