Stock OC'd 7950

Hey guys,

I wanted advice on a 7950 that has a good overclock/boost as I want to preserve lifespan and not void warrranty.

I was looking at a Sapphire 7950 Vapor-X any other suggestions? 

I've heard thats a good card. But keep in mind there is no way the manufacturer can tell if you overclock so you won't be voiding anyhting really. They can tell if you change the cooler tho. So if you want to watercool or get a diff air cooler i'd double check with them 1st to see if they mind you changing it. 


I'm enjoying the 7950 it overclocks well.  Don't bother paying more for an already overclocked card, just go for the card with the best cooler and overclock it yourself as you can easily attain all the overclocks that other manufacturers reach and further.