Stock fan enough?

Hey i just bought a bunch of new computer parts.

Intel core i7 3770k

GeForce gtx 680

16gbs of ram etc. I'm just wondering if it is enough with the stock fan that comes with the i7 3770k as I'm not planning on overclocking.:)

If not is the NZXT x60 kraken a good option?:)

Yes, the stock cooler will be fine if your not over clocking and don't live in a oven.

haha i live in sweden... -20 C everyday here:) But thanks for the answer:)

lol Then yes you will be fine!

But as you have a K edition sure you don't want to do a little overclock?

I'm new to building computers. So will there be a big difference with Overclock?:)


This will actually be my first build:)

I've ordered The kraken x60 too, so might switch to it in the future:)


It can give you a fair boost depending in what you use the computer for.....its hard to quantify it as the amount you can overclock changes from chip to chip (silicon lottery)

All the K CPUs from intel are designed to be overclocked, but it defiantly a case of getting a after-market cooler....the kraken is getting really good results from the benchmarks iv seen online.

It become really easy to overclock the CPU now if full of really good video guides

The stock fan will be fine for you, but I personally wouldn't be comfortable  with it because I've seen CPU temperatures go over 80C when the CPU is stressed with the stock cooler. I would personally at least get a Hyper 212 Evo or something, but that's just me.

Alright,thank you guys!:) I will just go with the stock cooler for now to see that the PC will actually work when I'm done. Then i will ask a friend of mine who's really in to this stuff to help me with the kraken!:)

The Kraken is a great cooler.

Alright:) Does the graphics card and stuff like that add temperature to the CPU? sorry but I'm really new to all this

Not directly, but it can. It also depends on what kind of cooling system your graphics card has. If it's a reference cooler that just has a single blower fan and a long shroud that covers the entire card, then most of that hot air is going to be vented out the back of your case. If you have a cooling system with dual fans and an open shroud, then most of that hot air is going to be vented inside your case.

As long as your case has good airflow, it really shouldn't make much of a difference to your CPU temperatures though.

for a first time watercooling user the kraken is good stuff, also having a mate with you in person, to help with the install and too walk you though oc'ing your chip for the first time is a great idea. you will learn quicker and pick up stuff that you did'nt know before.

I got a NZXT phantom 820, That case is pretty big so it must have a good airflow?:)


Yeah, the Phantom 820 has great airflow, especially if you fill up all the fan mounts.

Thanos, I have a motherboard called MSI Z77A-GD65, they say that is supersimple to OC with. Is that true?:)



one moment


well going by the bios preview iv been looking at, yeah it does look pretty simple, saying that 1155 cpus are simpler to oc than the older sockets. less stuff you need to mess around with.

saying that also the newer biosis are more user friendly than the older one's like what im use to lol.

so you should'nt have a hard time with it