Stock clearance at OCUK - GeForce 7 series cards heavily discounted

Just a heads up for people in the UK. I noticed that overclockers is taking preorders on the geforce 7 series cards at discount.

780Ti - £249.95

770 (4GB) - £199.99

770 (2GB) - £169.99

Free delivery if you are a member of the forum for so long and have made over 50-100 posts (I forget how many now). Hope that helps someone!


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Hey, perhaps someone would consider creating some kind of deals subforum.. I think it's fine TS doesn't want them mixed in with the personal ads, but seems a bit out of place to be dumped in the GPU section.. but that's just my two cents. I'll just dump sale threads anywhere but here for now :p

they are not cheap, + those are reference models.

Those are pretty cheap, considering performance and what they went for new when they first launched.

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i can buy cheaper non-ref models from newegg or ebay.

250-300$ 300~ if they are new
ref models go even cheaper...

For which cards? In the UK we normally end up paying more. Quite often we pay the same number of £ as it goes for in $.

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evga seems to be cheapest.

You are forgetting that these are brand new, not used (and had god knows what done to them). Show me where I (as a UK resident) can buy a 780 ti brand new, delivered to my door for less than £250, or 'put a sock in it' ;)

You're speaking in dollars and about 2nd hand cards, so this isn't the same thing. This IS cheap, no matter what you say. This is an obvious clearance by OCUK. I personally don't need anything, but the cheapest 780 Ti that I can see online, brand new, is £392 on pc part picker.