Stock Android on Galaxy tab 3 7.0

I was just given a tab 3 7.0 with lte and im going to be using this as my take everywhere phone/organizer including international travels. its the factory unlocked international one. But being a nexus 7 owner and S3 owner i really really prefer my nexus style android. I had this tab for less then a hour and im already frustrated with it.  it assumes im Chinese and wont let me take the keyboard off i have to keep switching every time i wanna type and i dont want the Samsung apps running if im NEVER gonna use them, because the hardware is inferior as it is to my 1ST gen nexus. is there any way i can make it run bone stock android so i can set it up to were its like an exact mirror of my nexus 7 but to where i can still use it with like the native phone app such as the one in the nexus 4?


thank you for any help

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Research the term root and unroot . xda developers. You should be able to strip the bloatware from your device and turn into a clone of your favorite nexus device . But mind you its going to cost you your warranty .

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