Still Looking For a large Mouse Pad

I wouldn't normally re post like this but the other thread is dead and I still need a mouse pad, how ever teh question this time is different in a way.


I found 2 mouse pads that i'd love to have but each have 1 MASSIVE flaw.

1: Going to cost $80 NZD (about $65 USD) including shipping

2. Is going to only cost about $35 (about $25-$30 USD with free shipping and has a better size of 80x40 vs 90x45, BUT it has a braided edge.. as in a rip in your wrist every time I 360 no scope a noob (lol jk, but it'd still hurt)


Any other suggestions on similar mouse pads?


Once again, sorry for the double post but I'm really stuck here :/


'nuff said. 

I recently purchase the TekMat 12x36 inch mouse pad, really awesome in my opinion. It takes up a little more desk space than I anticipated but that is fine with me.


Here is the LINK by the way.

Know a lot of people don't like razer , but this mouse pad lasted me awhile. I just replaced it because I wanted a smaller mouse pad. 

That pad would be practically perfect but it costs $87 NZD because there isn't free shipping to NZ :/ (65 USD)

Damn, its what I use. I love it, if you can justify the price though.

Like star citizen? They have a Large mousepad.

this is what it looks like

[not mine, from reddit]

That is a long fuckin' mousepad. lol