Still having trouble with my pc could it be a troll inside my case?

Ok I didn't know where to put this so I put it here. Ok to start out I have a gigabyte ud3 990fx motherboard, fx 8350, 16gigs of 1866 ram by g skill,  750w psu, and 2 asus 7770 2gb video cards. I can play some games no trouble than there's others that when I'm playing it just black screens than restarts. Don't judge I can play black ops and arma 2 with it not doing that at all but if I play dirt 3 it restarts out of know where. It's really making me mad and I don't know what the hell it could be. Was told maybe a crossfire problem but took one card out same thing it's only one game and Netflix that it has ever did this. Oh and I'm running windows 7 ultimate 64bit Fresh copy today and still did it. WHAT COULD IT BE? last of All I put this in inbox because I don't know if it's hard wear some kind of windows error or what this has never happened before to me. 

Did you try both cards on their own?

Yes I have and the thing is I can play arma 2 or black ops all day long and not one restart but when I try playing dirt 3 it restarts shortly after I'm in the menu or in game.  Not really a timed thing sometimes I can play as long as a few races and others can't even get as far getting in a game.  

Have you updated all drivers?

Everything is up to date a fresh copy of windows all that good stuff that's why it's really making me mad I can't figure it out at all. 

And windows is all up to date as well.