Step 1 Get ram?

So I snagged 32gb of ecc ddr3 ram for $70 free shipping. At the time I didn’t realize that my motherboard would only work with unregistered ecc and I had just purchased registered ram that I cannot use with my 8320.

Should I try to return this ram? I was also trying to grab some parts that would be compatible with it and thought I was finding some good perf/$

Would like to hear your thoughts about how to utilize (or not) the ram.

What are you trying to build?
What parts do you have available?

just any system that makes most sense that also can utilize 4x8gb of registered ecc ram. I have a full system and because a xeon with better performance than my 8320 with 16gb of ram i was thinking of giving my current motherboar cpu ram to my little brother who has a system that would appreciate an upgrade.

So I have new ram, I dont have a cpu or motherboard that can use the ram.
any cpu mobo combo with comperable to better performance than my 8320 at 3.9ghz

I think registered makes only sense if you are building a system with massive amounts of memory. Then you would have to go server / high end platform. But for your use case, send it back and build something more reasonable. That 2640 is pretty slow and doesn’t have the efficiency or features of current gen tech and the system would cost you around 270,- bucks.

What is your budget overall?

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